Sharing ourselves, our time, and our possessions with all who are committed to Jesus.

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One aspect of fellowship is impossible to program. That is, we desire to increasingly live life together, sharing in one another's joys and struggles, sharing our possessions, and building deep significant relationships with one another. Our deacons help us to build this level of fellowship.

There are many activities that we plan to do together (You can find our Calendar of Events here). In order to ensure that everyone is made aware of all that is going on, we have a Communications ministry team.

Our Communications Steward is Julie LaFreniere. For more information about this ministry team, please click on the link below:


Another part of fellowship includes sharing responsibility for the costs of ministry and all aspects of the church building. Therefore we have two ministry teams dedicated to this, Finance and Property & Facilities. Our Finance Steward is Yvonne Van Stemp and our Property & Facilities Steward is Shawn Snell. For more information about these ministry teams, please click on the links below:


     Property & Facilities