Declaring that reconciliation between God and humanity is possible by grace through faith in the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Listen to our sermon on Evangelism

 We do not program evangelism. That is, we do not have a single ministry team devoted to organizing events or evangelistic efforts. The reason for this is that we desire every member of the Rock to be an evangelist. Therefore, all that we do is intended to equip all of us to be ready to share the Gospel with the people that God brings into our lives. At the same time, we do put our international missions within this essential ministry of evangelism.

International Missionaries, Zambia
Currently we have one missionary family serving in Zambia, Rich and Laurie Weiandt. For more information about them, please watch the video below:

Good Hope Ministries, Malawi

This year, our kids ministry will learn about and raise support for Good Hope Ministries Malawi. Good Hope ministers to remote tribes in Malawi, sharing the gospel with them. They distribute Bibles to adults and "Stories of Jesus" booklets to kids, show the Jesus film, and provide Bible teaching to all ages. They also help the people in many practical ways such as fixing wells, treating skin conditions, distributing glasses, distributing blankets, and teaching women and girls to sew to provide for their communities.